Reflective wrist snap wraps for quality high-viz campaigning
"When reliability and expertise matter"


Winter length and Standard length white snap wrap wristbands personalized for your promotion campaign!

Glozone slap wrap wristbands are available as XLong or Standard


Have your message printed on these spring-loaded wrist snap wrap reflectives.

They coil round wrists or ankles for personal road safety and advertising.





For a safer community:

Safer bicycling always

Glozone™ high-viz.

It's a good feeling.





Our seal of approval:

Quality  high visibility reflectives for promotion and road safety


Quality, Safety Standard CE EN 13356 compliant hi-viz.

It is all about saving lives in traffic - Not jeopardizing lives.

We are passionate about high-viz personal road safety for your students.

Aren't you?





  • Open evenings? Make a visual impact!

  • Anniversary to celebrate? Don't keep it to yourselves!

  • Hosting an annual event or a fund-raiser? Choose promotional gifts with a mission.

  • Coincide yours with Halloween, St.Patrick's day or other themed event for maximum exposure.




























Glozone high-viz reflectives - Don't be seen wearing anything less!

Glozone™ personal hi-viz snap wrap wristbands.

Don't be seen wearing anything less!


High visibility reflective wrist snap wraps for your promotion and event

Wear more!
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University and College promotion

Anglia Ruskin University "Big Weekend" in Cambridge also featured Glozone™ reflective slap wrap promotional gifts

Anglia Ruskin University "Big Weekend" in Cambridge also featured Glozone™ reflective slap wraps printed their way as promotion gifts.


For open evenings and promotion events at your university or college.

Impactful promotion that helps reduce accidents and deaths in traffic. Show your current and potential future students how you look after them off campus too.

Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge and Chelmsford does!


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High vis reflective wristbands for Anglia Ruskin University promotion campaign

The number 1 choice promotion gift for the student environment - Handy high-viz reflective snap wraps for their personal road safety with your compliments.

Embellished with your University or College crest and name and worn with a sence of both pride and belonging.

Personal road safety reflectives promote a safer student environment in your community

After all, the prospective students will be referring to your university or college as where they will be studying and from where they intend to graduate.

What you need is a clever promotion gift that will advertise your college or university, and keep on advertising for a very long time.


Our suggestion:

A high visibility snap wrap reflective printed your way:

> As iconic as your crest or emblem? Maybe.

>> Very noticeable in and around town? Certainly.

>>> Highly visible for saving lives in traffic? Definitely!


Students could feel relaxed about road safety after dark


Get yours too right here!

As they are. Or personalized, or even totally customized!

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> International: 00 44 1323 406161



Visionary fund-raising & awareness campaigns with staying power!

A hi-viz fun run without Glozone slap wraps is a lo-viz event

A fun run in your town with custom-printed Glozone high-viz slap wraps. Your event is just low-viz without.

Show all your stakeholders that you too associate your College or University with the reduction of tragic road traffic deaths and accidents and make a positive impression in your community.

Say it with personalized high-viz!

Say it with original Glozone™ reflective high-viz wrist snap wraps


Original Glozone high-viz when lives are at stake



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