Reflective snap wristbands for quality promotion campaigns
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Slap your message on these spring-loaded snap wrist band reflectives.

They coil round wrists or ankles for personal road safety.


They are popular at night clubs and go down a storm at social venues!


Brings fun to promotion and puts road safety in a good light!

Celebrate your brand!

All gone. But the hi-viz custom printed snap wristbands have only just began working!

Personalize your own snap wrist bands


It's all about the lights




Custom printed reflective snap wrist bands for spectacular promotion

Custom printed neon lime snap wrist bands for promo campaigns




  • Product launch? Shout it from the rooftops with high viz snap wristbands!

  • Company anniversary to celebrate? Don't keep it to yourselves!

  • Halloween, St.Patrick's day or themed event? Party with a splash with promotional gifts of choice!



Customized Glozone snap wrist bands for when promotion matters

High visibility reflective snap wristbands for your promotion and event

Wear more!

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Night club promotion

Glozone snap wrist bands reflect in clubs and in traffic while emblazoning your brand

This is what's going down at malls, nightclubs, trendy bars and venues.

Influential people want to influence and be influenced.

Business organisations and their people crave associations.

Have your say on what they should be associating with, and let them know on promotional reflective snap wristband gifts that will stand up to the task.

On the night they reflect light, with great effect, for fun.

Forever after they reflect car headlights for personal road safety.

Glozone snap wrist bands flickering the disco lights then reflecting the headlights

Reflective slap wrist bands - A positive reminder of your brand!



Organisations with quality promotional requirements, events organizers and advertising agencies all come here for their reflective snap wristbands (spring-loaded bracelets), for highly visible high vis promotion.



Get yours too right here!

As they are, or personalized, or even totally customized!

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Promo spectacular custom printed Glozone™ reflective snap wrist band




Brand NEW! As featured in our Newsletter!

Glozone~Noir™ reflective snap wrist bands. > Show yourselves!

Glozone Noir CE EN 13356 compliant hi-viz reflectives that blend in with darker winter clothing

Fully compliant and reflective for personal road safety these dark, Glozone~Noir™ slap wraps are so novel they will really keep your campaign in the limelight! Now that's different!

  • They blend in with the darker colours of winter clothing

  • Personalized for campaigns in your business community

  • Or plain for a charitable handout

  • They do not look obvious like road safety high-vis!

  • Logos and print look striking on the black background

  • Yet fully compliant with the all-important safety standard CE EN 13356!

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    Do not miss out on the promotional vehicle of choice!

    For branding campaigns, for product launch or awareness drives. Make a positive impression in your community.


    Say it with high-viz!

    Say it with Glozone™ reflective high-viz snap wristbands.


    Original Glozone high-viz snap wrist bands when lives are at stake



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