Reflective wrist snap bracelets for quality high-viz campaigns
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Hi-viz wrist snap bracelet

High visibility wrist snap bracelet reflectives for promotion

Slap your message on these spring-loaded reflective wrist snap bracelets. They coil round wrists or ankles for personal road safety and advertising!



They also go down well at social venues and night clubs!


neon wrist snap bracelet clad hostesses that highlight your organisation

Outstanding mementos




Our seal of approval:

Quality  high vis snap bracelet reflectives for promotion and road safety











  • A launch? Party with a splash!

  • Company anniversary to celebrate? Don't keep it to yourselves!

  • Hosting a hospitality event or Expo?

  • Halloween or St. Patrick's day or other themed event?





You would simply be underdressed without Glozone hi-viz wrist snap bracelets

High visibility reflective snap wrist bracelets for your promotion and event

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Exposition & conventions

Promote your business or product launch memorably at expo events


Custom wrist snap bracelets promoting you and yours


If you're in the market for reflective snap wrist bracelet hi-vis for a promotional gift solution, then you're on the right page!



Events, exhibition hospitality organizers and advertising agencies come here for their reflective snap wrist bracelets (spring-loaded wristbands) for high visibility promotion.

Get yours too right here!

As they are, or personalized, or even totally customized!

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Corporations and organisations want to influence and to be influenced. And executives crave associations.

Why don't you influence them on what they should be associating with?

Make sure to let them know on personalized high-viz promotional gifts that will stand up to the task.

To stand out here you will need Glozone outstanding neon wrist snap bracelets

"Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see" - J. Lennon


Personal road safety is very big now - probably bigger than ever before! It touches all of us and is gaining national and global recognition as a topical fight to get into.

This makes high-viz the must-have for promotional gifts, so join in this fight now and show them all that your organisation too associates with the reduction of tragic road traffic deaths and accidents, whilst not missing out on the promotional vehicle of choice.

For branding campaigns, for product launch or awareness drives. Make your mark in your community.

Say it with high-viz!

Say it with original Glozone™ high-viz snap wrist bracelets

Quality personalized Glozone™ high visibility wrist snap bracelets



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